This is the IMSc Portal to handle online applications for various tests, positions, and events. Please read the following information carefully before registering to use it.

You need to register your email address and create an account, once initially by means of this form, before you can file any application. An activation link will be sent to the email address you fill out. (Check your spam folder in case you don't receive it in your inbox within half an hour of submitting this form.) Once you click on that link, your account has been created.

Accounts on this portal are linked one-to-one with email addresses. The email address you fill out (on this form) will be the Registered Email Address (REA) of the account. There can be only one account with a given email address as REA.

You can login to the portal with your REA (and password) to start the application process. For a particular test / position / event, only one application is allowed to be filed from one account. (You are allowed to apply for different tests / positions/ events from the same account.) On the application form, the REA associated with the account will be pre-filled. It cannot be changed. (You may be allowed to change other fields, depending upon what you are applying for.) All correspondence relating to the application will be sent only to the REA.