NBHM Master's and Doctoral Scholarship Schemes

Official web page:
  • Due to technical reasons, access to WWW.NBHMEXAMS.IN service may be disrupted for some time.
  • NBHM Master's and Doctoral Scholarship Schemes: Selection Procedures and Information.

  • NBHM is happy to announce that the monthly stipend for the Doctoral Scholarship has been revised upwards to ₹ 37,000 (for the first two years) and ₹ 42,000 (for subsequent years) with effect from 01 January 2023. (The corresponding amounts ₹ 31,000 and ₹ 35,000 mentioned in the advertisement stand modified.) HRA is payable in addition as per GoI norms, as mentioned in the advertisement.
  • Applicants are advised to follow the instructions carefully in filling out the application form.    Some of the fields are to be entered in a specific format,  as mentioned in the instructions.
  • Anyone filling out the application is deemed to have agreed to the policy.
  • Applicants are advised to complete their application well before the deadline in order to allow time for resolution of technical issues that might arise during the application process.
  • For admission to the PhD and Integrated PhD programmes at HRI, IISERs (Berhampur, Mohali, Pune, Thiruvananthapuram), IMSc, KSoM, and NISER based on the NBHM test scores, applicants are advised to source the information directly from those institutions.
  • An important NOTE for applicants aspiring for admission to the PhD / Int. PhD programmes at IMSc:
    Unlike in previous years, an application to write the NBHM test is not enough. Applicants must apply separately on IMSc's application portal (scheduled to open "by the middle of December").